October 22

Longmont Yarn Shoppe Knit & Croche-a-thon

Thursday, October 22, 2015
Longmont Yarn Shoppe
454 Main St (Rear Entrance),
Longmont, Colorado 8050

Longmont Yarn Shoppe may be a small town shoppe, but we can make a big impact by knitting & crocheting to raise awareness and donating to raise funds that will go directly to National Breast Cancer Foundation to provide mammograms for women in need. So, let's get out our needles or hooks and join this knitting/crochet - a -long! 

How You Can Join The Fight:

1. You can choose to make any project that you'd like as long as it is made with PINK yarn (at a 20% discount) bought from the shop between Sept. 23-October 22.

2. There will be a $10.00 participation fee that will go directly to National Breast Cancer Foundation to provide mammograms for women in need. Also, all Customer Loyalty Cards sold in October will go to this cause. 

3. When you are finished, we will display your project/s in the shop until November 7th for others to admire and inspire. You may gift your project to someone you know that is fighting breast cancer or who is a survivor. Or you may want to choose to wear it proudly to show your support.

4. We want to thank you, our supportive customers, for joining us in this fight. In honor of your participation, we will hold drawings on November 8th for prizes for those that participate in this knit/crochet along.