November 7

Kettlebell Swing-A-Thong for Breast Cancer

Saturday, November 7, 2015
12 pm - 4 pm
Bataan Memorial Park of Albuquerque
Lomas & Amherst
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Hey, Albuquerque!

We would like to see your (bright red, sweaty) face at our first annual Bells For Boobs Kettlebell Swing-A-Thon to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation!

This event is about raising money for the millions of women and men who are stricken by breast cancer. You’ll be swinging a kettlebell for pledges, and despite how wasted you may feel afterward, you’ll have warm fuzzies on the inside.

The registration meetup date is Saturday, September 26th at Bosque Brewing Co located at 8900 San Mateo Blvd NE at 2 PM. We’ll hand out packets, pledge forms, tracking sheets and explain the requirements for the pledge drive. Athletes will go pledge their tails off for the entire month of October- National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Registration fee is $20 per athlete, which covers the printer’s costs for your very own Bells For Boobs event tank top. BRING YOUR OWN BELL. Whatever you bring, be ready to swing, swing a lot, and swing like you’re saving someone’s life (read: please don’t try to swing an 800 # anvil 500 times).

We’ll have food trucks, prizes and people from the greater Albuquerque athlete community swinging bells alongside you. You’ll make some new friends, help local businesses, get in a killer workout and burn off some of that Halloween candy you’ll totally deny eating. You know you’re going to, so plan ahead.

We hope to see you there!