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Bonnie Wells Wilson Mobile Mammography Program (Bonnie's Bus)

The Bonnie Wells Wilson Mobile Mammography Program (Bonnie’s Bus) is a mobile mammography unit that travels throughout the state of West Virginia (WV) providing mammograms for women who may not have access to breast cancer screening. It is the only mobile mammography program in West Virginia, which falls entirely within Appalachia. Jo and Ben Statler gave a donation in 2009 to the Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center (MBRCC) at West Virginia University (WVU) for the purchase and endowment of a mobile digital mammography unit named Bonnie’s Bus in honor of Bonnie Wells Wilson, the mother of Jo Statler who succumbed to breast cancer in rural West Virginia. To date, we have provided over 10,600 mammograms in 43 WV Counties. Forty-five cases of breast cancer have been diagnosed after an initial screening on the Bus, 25 of those in the last 2 years. Although we bill insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and the WV Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program for mammograms, we do not turn away any woman age 40 or older. The cost of those mammograms is covered by donations and grants, one of the principals being the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

“The reason we are successful is the partnerships we have with communities and the relationships that our staff has built with the people in those communities. We have investment from our partners to sustain our program. We are very grateful to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for funding which enables us to provide mammograms and follow-up diagnostic services for many women who would not have access to these services without this funding. ”

Sarah Jane Gainor, Director

Mammography and Mobile Mammography





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