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Good News Clinics

In 1993, the Good News Clinics (GNC) opened as a non-profit Christian health center with the charge of nurturing broken bodies and broken souls. The clinic serves Hall County residents who do not have healthcare insurance and cannot afford medical care.  With the support of funding from the National Breast Cancer Foundation, GNC provides free mammograms to women who would otherwise not have access to this important diagnostic measure.  Patients who require further diagnostic and medical treatment are referred to partnering healthcare facilities which provide breast cancer treatment for little-to-no cost to the patient.

"Good News Clinics is grateful for the partnership with The National Breast Cancer Foundation; without this support our patients would not have access to diagnostic mammograms.  The surgeons, oncologists and other specialists volunteer their time and expertise to treat GNC patients and are aware of the tremendous support provided for our patients through The National Breast Cancer Foundation funding and informational materials; they too appreciate this support and partnership to better serve the uninsured in our community."

Cheryl M. Christian,  Executive Director





810 Pine St.
Gainesville, GA  30501

Create Your Early Detection Plan

The best way to fight breast cancer is to have a plan that helps you detect the disease in its early stages.

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Have Breast Cancer Questions?

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$150 Helps Provide a Mammogram

Your donation of $150 helps provide a mammogram for a woman in need.