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Founded in 2003, The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention is a community based Center for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the Harlem section of New York City. The Center provides high quality care to vulnerable, uninsured and underinsured patients, particularly African Americans, Latinos and other minority populations who experience higher incidences of common cancers and diagnosis during later stages of disease. Through its pioneering use of patient navigators, the Ralph Lauren Center helps patients overcome socioeconomic, educational and cultural barriers to care.

“We are grateful to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for helping us provide excellent, efficient care to those who could not receive it elsewhere. At the Ralph Lauren Center, we spend time with people. We want to educate them. We are not a clinic; we are a center that wants to embrace the whole person in the context of their life and assist in whatever areas they need help. Our model shows that underserved populations deserve quality care and our goal is to set the bar for other minority-serving institutions.” – Lewis J. Kampel, MD and Medical Director


1919 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10035
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