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St. Anthony’s Medical Center is the third-largest medical center in the St. Louis metropolitan area and serves more than 800,000 residents in Jefferson County, Missouri, St. Clair, and Monroe counties in Illinois. For women needing breast care services, The Breast Center at St. Anthony’s is the only hospital in the region to offer a defined Fast Track program to alleviate anxiety about test results.  The program ensures women receive same-day follow-up tests such as breast ultrasound and biopsy, and pathology reports within 48 hours or less.  The Breast Center focuses not only on speed, but on accuracy.  Last year, mandated state audits of mammography services at St. Anthony’s found the Breast Center staff had zero false negatives and was higher than the national average in detecting breast cancer.

“In these challenging economic times, we are finding more women who are becoming unemployed and thus uninsured. Many are struggling just to meet their family’s basic needs. If not for the generous funding of the NBCF, many of these women would have put off their annual screening mammograms and deny themselves the care and protection they need from this insidious disease. Others would have had delayed diagnosis in their breast cancer and faced much greater treatment challenges. The funding allows us to provide care for a group of women who are truly in need and would not otherwise be served.” – Paul Oberle, M.D., Medical Director, Breast Center


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