Lemonhead + NBCF

Welcome to the Bright Side!

National Breast Cancer Foundation has formed a special partnership with Lemonhead aimed at prioritizing women’s health. Together we hope to empower women with the information and tools they need to understand the benefits of early detection of breast cancer. Learn more about breast health and share with your best gal today!

Know the Symptoms, Sis

Not sure what breast cancer symptoms to look for? We’ve got you covered! Get our free checklist explaining common breast cancer symptoms, plus 3 ways to do a breast self-exam.

Are You Wearing the Right Bra?

Did you know that 4 out of 5 women are wearing the wrong bra size? Find out if you are wearing the correct bra size and why it’s important for your breast health.

Lemonhead Gives Back

Since 2021, Lemonhead has donated products to include in NBCF HOPE Kits, which are given to women undergoing breast cancer treatment. Why? Because chemotherapy can cause a metallic taste in a patient’s mouth and Lemonheads can help counteract this side effect!

Share the Lemonhead Love

Brighten a breast cancer patient’s day by writing an encouragement card. Each card is included in HOPE Kits as a heartfelt reminder that no one faces breast cancer alone.

Empowering Women Together

Whether you’re in need of a mammogram or would like to fund a mammogram, NBCF has the tools to help.

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