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Men Supporting The Important
Women in their Lives

An initiative of National Breast Cancer Foundation

What is Guys for Good?

A group of like-minded men who strive to support women facing breast cancer by:

  • Connecting with other men as they support loved ones through diagnosis, treatment,
    and survivorship    
  • Sharing their stories of hope to encourage others
  • Creating community awareness for NBCF’s mission of early detection, education, and support
  • Fundraising to support NBCF’s life-saving programs

Why Does NBCF Support This Initiative?

We believe that no one should navigate breast cancer alone. NBCF is dedicated to Helping Women Now—before, during, and after a potential breast cancer diagnosis—but we know breast cancer impacts the whole family, men included.

Studies have shown that women diagnosed with breast cancer have better outcomes and improved well-being when supported through treatment. Research also indicates that spouses of recently diagnosed women share comparable stress levels that continue through treatment and beyond.

“People just diagnosed with cancer are often scared and overwhelmed. Having another person to help them process information is important,” says Lauren P. Wallner, Ph.D., MPH, Assistant Professor of General Medicine and Epidemiology at University of Michigan.

NBCF aims to create a community dedicated to breast cancer support, awareness, and advocacy through Guys for Good.

How Can I Get Involved in Guys for Good?

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