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Men Supporting The Important
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An initiative of National Breast Cancer Foundation

What is Guys for Good?

A group of like-minded men who strive to support women facing breast cancer by:

  • Connecting with other men as they support loved ones through diagnosis, treatment,
    and survivorship    
  • Sharing their stories of hope to encourage others
  • Creating community awareness for NBCF’s mission of early detection, education, and support
  • Fundraising to support NBCF’s life-saving programs

Why does NBCF support this initiative?

We believe that no one should navigate breast cancer alone. NBCF is dedicated to Helping Women Now—before, during, and after a potential breast cancer diagnosis—but we know breast cancer impacts the whole family, men included.

Studies have shown that women diagnosed with breast cancer have better outcomes and improved well-being when supported through treatment. Research also indicates that spouses of recently diagnosed women share comparable stress levels that continue through treatment and beyond.

“People just diagnosed with cancer are often scared and overwhelmed. Having another person to help them process information is important,” says Lauren P. Wallner, Ph.D., MPH, Assistant Professor of General Medicine and Epidemiology at University of Michigan.

NBCF aims to create a community dedicated to breast cancer support, awareness, and advocacy through Guys for Good.

Resources for Caregivers

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, her male partner often takes on the role of caretaker, helping with everything from managing a busy schedule of appointments, treatments, and medications, to offering their partner physical and emotional support throughout their journey. 

At NBCF, we know that caretakers need care, too. Click on the links below to download these free resources for caregivers.

The Cancer Caregiver Guide

While many aspects of a patient’s diagnosis are out of your control, there are things you can do to improve the quality of life for both you and your loved one. The Cancer Caregiver Guide is here to help you every step of the way as you provide care to someone facing cancer.

Just Diagnosed with Breast Cancer… Now What?

A breast cancer diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming for the patient and her loved ones. In Just Diagnosed with Breast Cancer… Now What?, we offer practical help by defining new medical jargon you may be facing, introducing your care team members, outlining different treatment options, and more. This guide is your intro to breast cancer.

What to Say to a Cancer Patient

Knowing the right thing to say when you find out your loved one has cancer can be challenging. What to Say to a Cancer Patient will help guide healthy conversations, give you suggestions on what to say and what not to say during those conversations, and equip you with additional resources to help your loved one through this tough experience.

Nutrition Care for Breast Cancer Patients

Nutrition is an important, but sometimes overlooked, part of breast cancer treatment. After all, the right fuel can help manage side effects and help the body heal. Nutrition Care for Breast Cancer Patients, written by a registered dietitian, will teach those in treatment and their caregivers about creating nutritious meals that are easy to prepare and safe to eat.

Healthy Recipes for Cancer Patients Cookbook

Eating well can support your overall health and wellness, no matter where you are in your cancer journey. The Healthy Recipes for Cancer Patients Cookbook delivers good nutrition and great taste in each recipe. Even better, all of these recipes can be enjoyed by the entire family.

10 Prompts to Mindfulness

It can be difficult to remember that you are NOT your negative thoughts, but it is an important distinction to make. Whether you are a cancer patient, survivor, caregiver, loved one, or simply looking to strengthen your mind-body connection, 10 Prompts to Mindfulness will help you practice mindfulness, or centering your thoughts and bringing you back to contentment.

How you can Help Women Now

We believe that no one should have to face breast cancer alone. Whether your loved one is facing a diagnosis, or you want to help support women and families in your community, there are several ways to get involved. Click each link below for more details.

Send a HOPE Kit to a loved one

NBCF HOPE Kits are tangible expressions of hope sent to women in treatment for breast cancer. Each item included in our HOPE Kits serves to relieve or reduce a side effect of treatment or to lift the spirits of the patient. You can purchase a HOPE Kit for your loved one, plus one for a woman in need, with our Buy One Give One HOPE Kit promotion.

Fundraise to support NBCF’s mission of Helping Women Now

There are many ways to fundraise for NBCF, from individual fundraising among your family, friends, and peers, to corporate fundraising through your business and associates. At NBCF, we encourage you to fundraise YOUR way. Click below to review fundraising options or reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Volunteer in your community

NBCF offers year-round in-person volunteer opportunities at our headquarters in Frisco, TX. Opportunities include packing HOPE Kits, prepping the office for packing parties, helping with set-up and tear-down for on-site events, and more. Click below to learn about upcoming local volunteer opportunities or reach out to [email protected] for more information.

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