Fancy Seeing You Here!

Fancy Seeing You Here!

Since NBCF’s headquarters are located in Texas, we are very familiar with the phrase “Everything is Bigger in Texas.” This saying definitely holds true for one of our fundraising groups from Wimberley, TX. The Fancy Feathers 4H Club is a group dedicated to developing and empowering youth through agricultural activities.

Here at NBCF, we get a lot of interesting fundraising ideas sent to us, but this one really caught our attention. Their creative idea? The Fancy Feather group carries around a big, loud rooster and brings it to local offices in their community to make an appearance. Imagine a quiet work day, things going smoothly when all of a sudden teens walk in with an obnoxious farm animal. The only way for the business to get rid of the commotion is to make a donation to NBCF and choose the rooster’s next location to target! Jaci Kroupa, the club’s manager, says the businesses “generally get a big laugh out of it and then happily send the rooster to a competitor. They tend to talk about it for years after.”

In total, Fancy Feathers 4H Club donated over $1000 to NBCF with their Pass-A-Rooster Fundraiser in 2013, and they plan on hosting another rooster pass in 2014! This Texas-sized donation will help over 10 women obtain mammograms through our National Mammography Program.

Want to help? Donate to Fancy Feathers Fundraiser or start your own.

Publish Date: February 13, 2014

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