I was diagnosed with TNBC in August 2023. Made it through 5 months of chemo and just completed my DMX surgery. No cancer found in the tissue sample or lymph nodes! I am extremely thankful for my care team, support network, and the breast cancer community.


I was diagnosed in January 2008. I had surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. I have lymphedema, but I am 13 years cancer free. I fought like a girl. Lol!


Celebrating 4 years cancer free!! Praise God!!!!


I was diagnosed with Stage 1A HER2 positive breast cancer in October 2022. After surgery, chemo, and radiation, I completed my immunotherapy treatment of Herceptin in February 2024. I’m still taking the estrogen blocker for five years. At the beginning of my diagnosis, I was devastated because I’d been down the same road 20 years ago. I have gotten so much support and love that the whole process has been easier than I thought could be possible. I really enjoy reading all of the positive and hopeful comments. Peace & happiness to all.


I was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, which has spread to my bones. I started treatment in July. My body is responding very good to the treatment . I don’t feel like anything is wrong with me except I just can’t do all of the things I did before. I thank God it has been a new journey and I like every day as best as I can. Thanks to my team of doctors for making it a lot easier to get through this. I say keep on fighting the battle. My life span depends on God. So make every day count.


Got done with radiation. Doctor said I’m all clear!


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