Two days post double mastectomy. Cancer did NOT spread to lymph nodes. Hallelujah!


In August 2022, I was diagnosed with Stage 1b IDC from an annual 3D mammogram. No family history. Rocked my world, it’s true, you never know how strong you are until you have to be. Going on a year now from second surgery to remove the cancer. Keep positive, strong, and willing to get help from others. We are not alone <3


I had my mastectomy in April 2023. It took 6 weeks with drain tubes, 15 rounds of radiation, 7 years of anastrozole and I am cancer-free. I fought and got rid of this!!!


I was diagnosed with left breast IDC in August 2022. Lumpectomy in Sept., radiation in Oct., and began 5 years of anastrozole in Nov. 2022. This month I had my 1-year mammogram, ultrasound, and check-up, and no evidence of cancer. So grateful to celebrate 1 year—and counting!


I’m in year 3 1/2 of breast cancer (Stage 3) treatment. Following chemo, mastectomy, and radiation, I got heart failure from chemo. I celebrate every day and I am active and grateful to walk this planet. My recent scans came back clear and my cancer continues to sleep…it better sleep forever and never wake again!


I was diagnosed in September 2021. After chemo and radiation, I’m now about to have my fifth surgery. I am almost 15 months cancer-free and feeling stronger than ever!


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