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The Breast and GYN Health Project (BGHP) is located is Arcata, CA. It is a grassroots cancer resource center which provides support, education, information, resources and assistance for people facing a breast health concern or breast cancer on California’s north coast. BGHP does not provide medical care, but can help people find a provider or find answers to your questions. Many of the staff and volunteers are cancer survivors themselves. Services include: patient navigation, support with questions, compassionate understanding, support groups, lending library and more. Local people will find support, education and hope. BGHP has served California’s north coast community since 1997. All services are free of charge. Most services are provided over the phone. Support groups are held via Zoom. Call Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm -707-825-8345.

“People facing breast cancer or cancer concerns need extra support during this era of COVID-19. The National Breast Cancer Foundation recognized this issue early in the pandemic and has partnered with BGHP to help as many women as possible get needed breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment. Cancer does not stop happening because of COVID-19, so BGHP’s patient navigators continue to do everything we can to help women get timely access to care. Thank you to everyone who supports the work of the National Breast Cancer Foundation—you make a huge difference in the lives of women!” — Rose Gale-Zoellick, Executive Director


987 8th Street, Arcata, California 95521
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