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Mammography Patient Navigation

Breast health experts at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) provide breast cancer screenings and can help you figure out which screenings are right for you based on your age, health, risk level, and other factors.

Screening tests are done on a regular schedule in women without any breast cancer symptoms. They identify signs that might otherwise go unnoticed. That’s important because the earlier we detect the disease, the better. Women with smaller, early-stage breast cancer have more treatment options and a better chance for a cure.

Patient navigators are culturally sensitive staff who provide emotional support and assistance with medical transportation and lodging, financial and insurance concerns, medication co-pays, and many other tangible needs for patients and families as they face a serious illness and must deal with complex cancer care systems. Patient navigators identify local and national resources to address these needs and provide information and support to empower patients and families to fully participate in timely and appropriate cancer treatment.

“The funding support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation provides underserved women with access to complete care for breast cancer detection and diagnosis at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, from screening mammography to additional evaluation for women with positive screening results, including biopsies when they are recommended. By supporting the earlier diagnosis and treatment of women with breast cancer, the NBCF is helping women live longer and healthier lives. Thank you for your generosity.” — Janie Lee, MD, MSCDirector, Breast Imaging

“SCCA Clinical Patient Navigators offer individualized assistance to patients, families, and caregivers to help overcome health system barriers and enhance timely access to qualified medical and psychosocial care. Patient Navigators serve as a critical link to connect our diverse patient population to local and national resources for meeting basic life needs while undergoing cancer treatment. These government and privately funded sources of support (medical transportation, housing, financial assistance, insurance coverage, medication co-pays), are crucial to support patients in engaging in treatment from the point of diagnosis throughout the cancer care continuum. Furthermore, our Patient Navigators provide essential cultural brokering and emotional support that also enables our patients to receive the medical and holistic care they need. Patient Navigators meet and communicate with those who serve patients in their local communities; in this way, they expand the impact of their services to women, men, and families in need. By supporting earlier diagnosis and treatment for women and men with breast cancer, helping many overcome barriers to access and to navigate the health care system, the NBCF is helping those diagnosed with breast cancer live longer and healthier lives. We are thankful for your generosity!” — Aaron Crane, Executive Vice President


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