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The Moffitt Program for Outreach, Wellness, Education and Resources (M-POWER) provides the community with health education in the areas of cancer prevention, early detection and screening. Established in 1999, our program empowers community members to take an active role in preventing disease and maintaining overall health.Participants of our programs learn about resources they can share among their families and friends. Through outreach, educational workshops and linking community members to free and/or low cost screening services, M-POWER works with faith based and secular partners to minimize health disparities in the Tampa Bay area. We work with those individuals needing care beyond screening to provide access to diagnosis and treatment throughout the continuum of care.

“We want women to get mammograms and participate in well-being checks. Screening and prevention are so important, and encouraging women to adjust their screening behaviors will provide them with a healthier and perhaps longer life.” — Chantel Griffin-Stampfer, Manager M-POWER program


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