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Mammography Patient Navigation

Parkland Health & Hospital System provides breast imaging and diagnostic services to all in Dallas County. At Parkland, community outreach and preventive care are just as important as the medical care provided within the hospital. Parkland’s philosophy to not simply treat, but prevent illness and injury which is an important step in creating a healthy community. As such, breast health screening services can be scheduled at several locations throughout Dallas County.

“Through investment in mammography and patient navigation, National Breast Cancer Foundation partners with Parkland Health & Hospital System to provide thousands of life saving mammograms and patient navigation, helping ensure patients receive the care and support they need when time is crucial. Now, more than ever, taking care of the health of our community is essential. NBCF has been a steadfast partner in this endeavor, and we are grateful for their support of Parkland to help women now!” — Michael Horne, EdD, MPH, President and Chief Executive Officer, Parkland Foundation


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