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The Breast Program at UNMH is coordinated through the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Early Detection (BCC) Team. Breast screening services are provided at UNMH at multiple primary care clinic sites, and the M&FP clinics. Radiology services (mammograms, ultrasounds, breast biopsies) are provided at OSIS for the BCC and NBCF Programs. Cancer Services are provided at UNM Cancer Center. The BCC team follows patients through the multiple sites, providing navigation and case management services. We have provided a link to the UNM breast services website, which serves as an entry point to the services.

“National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) funding continues to be an important source of funding for low income women with no insurance, or insurance with high deductibles who cannot afford care in New Mexico. In FY20, we did not receive enough funds through the BCC Program to cover the costs of the mammograms and ultrasounds provided.

“COVID-19 caused many additional challenges, including having to shut down screening mammogram services. There was also a two-month delay to receive BCC funds for FY21. During that time, we focused on providing diagnostic exams to women with symptoms. NBCF served as a vital lifeline for these women.

“We utilize NBCF funds for women under age 30, or for women referred from non-BCC screening sites, who could not access services any other way. Due to COVID-19, we also worked with women who were under-insured, defined as having high insurance co-payments and deductibles. Often these women had lost their insurance, after losing their job, or after a reduction in their hours.Most had to select a private plan with less coverage due to decreases in their total household income. This under-insured group found themselves excluded from the BCC Program beginning July 1, 2020 due to federal rule changes.

“We know that the need for the NBCF Program is greater than ever. We hope that more funds will be available in the future so that our successful partnership can continue.” — Aide Atayde-Law, Supervisor for Mammography Services, University of New Mexico Hospitals


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