NBCF works with companies nationwide to strengthen their women’s wellness programs, increase use of basic screening benefits, gain knowledge of workplace accommodations for patients and survivors, and engage employees. NBCF provides both turnkey solutions and customized programs/events to support employer-specific needs.


About Our Program

Navigating Breast Cancer in the Workplace

NBCF can help you create a supportive and welcoming work environment for your employees undergoing breast cancer treatment or adapting to life as a survivor through:

  • Flexible scheduling that accomodates medical appointments and recuperation
  • Facility adjustments that support employees with differing physical abilities
  • Technology integration to address affected employees’ specific needs

Workplace Wellness & Employee Engagement

NBCF offers wellness training to help all of your employees:

  • Pursue healthy habits that can reduce the risk of certain types of cancers
  • Be proactive about their breast health
  • Understand the screenings they should be asking their doctors about
  • Support a love one facing breast cancer
  • Participate in volunteer opportunities to help those affected by breast cancer, including coworkers

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