September 14, 2011 – MOORESVILLE, NC – Candace Muzny and CNM Racing are teaming up with Process Pink in the fight against breast cancer. Process Pink, one of the leading providers of credit and debit card payment processing services in the United States, serves up excellent rates and services with a very special twist. Every time a consumer makes a credit or debit card purchase at a Process Pink participating merchant, a portion of the transaction is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation – without costing the consumer or the merchant another cent.

“It’s really a no-brainer,” says Muzny, one of NASCAR’s up-and-coming stars. “Everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer. It accounts for almost 1 in 4 cancers diagnosed in American women. By using Process Pink, merchants help their customers make a donation without having to spend any extra money. I’m switching to Process Pink for my own merchant services, and hope my friends and fans who have businesses will also switch and help us win this battle.”

Process Pink offers a full suite of merchant services too all kinds of businesses. They focus on providing fast and secure authorizations coupled with reliable uptimes and industry leading solutions. Process Pink works with each merchant to ensure they are getting the best rates and the best services for growing their business.

“Many merchant services companies try to offer good rates and good services, but we wanted to go even further,” states Anthony Holder, President of Process Pink. “We are committed to being a socially responsible corporation with the goal to contribute to society in a more lasting and meaningful way, while still remaining true to business objectives. Process Pink’s trademarked program is a prime example of this philosophy When a consumer makes a credit card purchase at a Process Pink participating merchant, a portion of our profit is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.” That added up to over $150,000 in 2010 – a mark that has already been surpassed in 2011.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission is to save lives, inspire courage, and foster hope by increasing awareness of breast cancer through education, by providing mammograms for those in need, and by supporting research programs in leading facilities.

Muzny urges her friends and fans to join her Process Pink team. “Just like in racing, it takes a team to win, and together we can beat this disease. Come join me in this fight,” Businesses who wish to join Candace Muzny in the fight against breast cancer may learn more at or

Candace Muzny is a NASCAR driver on a mission. Ever since she was a little girl she knew her career was destined to be on wheels. Always willing to give her best, Candace works on her car, herself, and her team until all are fast, competitive, and most of all, in winning shape. This all-around dynamo of racing can tear a racecar apart and put it back together again; she can just as easily tear up a racetrack and come out a winner. Candace brings an edge and attitude to the track that puts fear in the eyes of her opponents. Now Candace is turning her will to win to a new opponent – breast cancer. For more information on Candace Racing Goes Pink or to schedule an interview or appearance with Candace, contact Candace at or

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