Twenty-Five Thousand Dollar Donation, Limited Time Chewy Lemonhead Pink Lemonade Product, and One-Day SoHo Pop-Up Highlight the Partnership  

Chicago, June 7, 2022 – Iconic candy Lemonhead has announced the formation of a special partnership with one of the world’s leading breast cancer organizations, National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). The Chicago-based confections brand is supporting the non-profit in a multitude of ways including donating $25k to NBCF, releasing a co-branded Pink Lemonade flavor, and hosting an educational pop-up activation in New York City.  

Lemonhead has been an active partner in the fight against breast cancer for years, working with Illinois-based chapters of American Cancer Society and Imerman Angels prior to NBCF. The candy’s unique flavor can help reduce the common chemo side-effect of a metallic aftertaste, and cancer patients often consider the tangy treat to be a bright spot in their day, one that helps keep their spirits strong during treatment. 

To further drive awareness and education about the importance of early breast cancer detection, Lemonhead will be taking over the Chillhouse spa in SoHo and hosting a pop-up experience called The Bright Side. Slated for National Pink Day, June 23rd, the event aims to educate and empower in equal measure. NBCF will be onsite sharing educational materials to inspire attendees to prioritize their breast health. True to their mission of Helping Women Now, NBCF will also provide online resources to help educate women about breast self-exams and mammograms. Lemonhead will be providing a range of thoughtful amenities, including complimentary manicures, personalized bracelets, and an eye-popping photo booth. A unique, Lemonhead-inspired pink lemonade mocktail will also be served up. The centerpiece of The Bright Side is a Pledge Tree that will grow pink and yellow leaves throughout the day as women mark their commitment to prioritizing their health, and breast cancer survivors commemorate their successes. 

Breast cancer advocates often point out that early detection offers the best chance to succeed in fighting the disease. “1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime,” says Brooke Adams, Director of Charitable Giving & Strategic Partnerships at NBCF. “The earlier a woman knows she has it, the more optimistic she can be in fighting it.” 

The event is also emphasizing the importance of accountability partners in following through on one’s health goals. “Women are empowered by the bonds of their friendship in life-changing ways,” says Adams. “That’s why we’re encouraging women to come to The Bright Side with their best gal pal – or sister, or mom – so, they can act as mutual accountability partners for each other, not just on National Pink Day, but every day.”

The first step in the partnership was including Lemonhead candy in NBCF’s ‘HOPE Kits’, which are the inspiring care packages the organization shares with its members. “As a brand, Lemonhead always looks to the bright side,” says Lemonhead Brand Manager Hope Hruska. “The positive responses we’ve received from women within NBCF’s community reaffirms the meaningful role Lemonhead can play in the cancer space. And we’re striving to grow our impact. Through the pop-up at Chillhouse, our social channels, media outreach, and especially our Lemonhead Pink Lemonade product, we can continue to share positivity and support NBCF as they work to make a proactive difference in women’s lives.”

The Lemonhead Pink Lemonade product is an irresistible twist on a nostalgic favorite. Bursting with pink lemonade fruit flavor, these chewy, round candies are puckering and lemony-good. This product hit store shelves at major retailers across the U.S. in May and will be available through August 2022. 

Lemonhead’s collaboration with NBCF on National Pink Day will help empower women with the knowledge and tools they need to prioritize their breast health. By driving awareness about the importance of regular screenings for early detection and how helpful accountability partners are in achieving health goals, the brand looks to bring a sense of hope and optimism to women, not only on National Pink Day but year-round. 

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Recognized as one of the leading breast cancer organizations in the world, National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is Helping Women Now® by providing early detection, education, and support services to those affected by breast cancer. A recipient of Charity Navigator’s highest 4-star rating for 16 years, NBCF provides support through their National Mammography Program, Patient Navigation, breast health education, and patient support programs. For more information, please visit  

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