January 26, 2011 – AIKEN, SC – NovusOffice.com committed to donate 10% of every sale on all Novus software products to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (www.NBCF.org) starting today and ending February 28, 2011. Novus is affordable, alternative office & PDF editing software for individuals, home office, small office, and small businesses. Completely compatible with all other office programs, Novus offers 6 products in English or Spanish. Our popular Novus PDF allows users to edit and create PDF documents, while Novus Office Premium is our full-suite of 9 professional programs. All Novus products are available to try FREE for 30-days!

“I remember first contacting Janelle Hail in 1999 to organize a fundraiser for what became the first of three NBCF hospitals in Chicago,” said Tom Uskup, President, “and over the years I’ve enjoyed watching NBCF grow to some 87 hospital programs across the USA. Now, I’m excited to help NBCF again.”

Our “Give 10 – Get 10” offer allows any customer to enjoy savings on useful & affordable software by getting a 10% discount off their purchase at NovusOffice.com. Then, Novus gives 10% of every sale to NBCF, so that NBCF can continue to help those women & men that need it the most.

“This initiative is important to me because not only is NBCF such an incredible organization, but I am a cancer survivor myself,” said Charlie Muldoon, NovusOffice.com – VP of Business Development. “It’s wonderful that we can work together to raise money to help fund the fight against cancer!”

Introduced in 2010, Novus software is based on Open Source, which is the growing trend in the industry. Novus is fully supported with customer service and technical support resources. New product enhancements and features are planned for all products through 2012, including “Software-as-a-Service” solutions. Custom development for Novus is available, and developers interested in furthering the Novus cause are encouraged to contact the company.

For more information on NovusOffice.com, visit www.novusoffice.com  or www.facebook.com/NovusOffice

About the National Breast Cancer Foundation:
The National Breast Cancer Foundation mission is to save lives through early detection and to provide mammograms for those in need. Its mission includes increasing awareness through education, providing diagnostic breast care services for those in need and providing nurturing support services. www.NBCF.org

Tom Uskup
President, NovusOffice.com
(803) 643-4900
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