Sanari Candle Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle for your Body, Mind, and Spirit

November 15, 2018 – Sanari Candle is dedicated to being the most natural candle in the world by using only the highest quality organic and green products in the industry. Made from a propriety blend of certified essential oils infused in 100% Organic coconut and non-GMO wax, these plant-based candles provide an atmosphere that promotes inner balance, calm, and overall wellness.

When Sanari Candle Founder Rebecca Aghalarpour was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she eliminated all toxins from her home including traditional candles which contained dangerous carcinogens, synthetic fragrances and artificial substances. Rebecca became dedicated to finding a solution and spent months blending ingredients to comprise a safe and non-toxic candle for herself and her family. The result was an all-natural plant based candle containing zero pesticides, herbicides, dyes, synthetic fragrances, petroleum based or animal bi-products including bees.

“Many people are concerned about the poisonous ingredients in food, cleaning and beauty products however ignore other dangerous household items that aren’t regulated such as candles.” States Rebecca. “When I was going through my recovery I was shocked that I couldn’t find a candle clean enough to burn that was safe for my health and my family. I created Sanari Candle to make a difference and to help emit elements into the atmosphere that are conducive to a healthy body and spirit.”

From the unbleached cotton wick to the packaging made of recycled materials, Sanari Candle is completely sustainable product from end-to-end. Each candle is also hand poured into a recyclable and reusable stemless wine glass, escaping the fate of a landfill. To help eliminate waste and toxins in the air, Sanari Candles use a citrus essential oil base in each candle that remove any odor and purifies the air.

Proudly made in the USA, Sanari Candles are USDA Organic Natural and Kosher Certified, comply with all fair-trade guidelines, and are completely sourced from organic farmers.

You can shop the collection of vegan candles each of which delivers a unique sensory experience with proven health benefits from pure essential oils. With every Sanari Candle purchase, a 5% donation will be made to National Breast Cancer Foundation to support their mission of Helping Women Now® through early detection, education, and support services. This cause is very close to Rebecca’s heart and she feels very fortunate that she had all the right resources to work with and she wants to make sure others will have the same.  For more information visit

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