High School Programs

High School Ambassador Program

The National Breast Cancer Foundation High School Ambassador is a volunteer position for interested Junior and Senior students. This High School Ambassador will act as an NBCF representative at all designated High School Ambassador Events, and be responsible for increasing awareness of NBCF's mission and programs, as well as providing students with information about fundraising opportunities. The High School Ambassador must be a self-starter with a great desire to help others. He or she must be energetic, outgoing, and creative with outstanding communication skills.

NBCF will select up to three students per high school in Frisco ISD for this program.

High School Internship Program

NBCF is partnering with Frisco ISD to bring you the High School Internship Program. This summer, five local companies will be offering internships to rising juniors and seniors. The participating companies are NBCF, Careington, Jamba Juice, LaunchPad City, and Verona Villa. The dates of the internship will run from June 10-July 19. 

NBCF Internship Program
Each intern will spend six weeks at NBCF immersing themselves in the non-profit culture and learning how the various departments work together to support the mission of the foundation. The first three weeks will be spent in Programs, Development, and Marketing to learn about the day-to-day operations of NBCF. There will also be a session for each of the six weeks that the intern is with us to learn about resume preparation, interview skills, public speaking, and other important professional topics relevant to working in any environment. The last three weeks of the internship will be spent working on a group project that will be presented to senior staff.

Meet Our Past Interns

Our inaugural internship program began in the Summer of 2016 with four bright young interns. We were thankful for the relationships we built with them, and appreciative of their contributions to our cause. See below to learn more about their time with us.

Cierra Black

“The internship was absolutely phenomenal! I couldn’t believe how much we were exposed to in a short amount of time! I felt like the entire staff was so willing to share their experiences and knowledge with us. I just want to say thank you again for the opportunity and reaching out to eager high school students. This program couldn’t have gone any better!”

Kulsoom Jawaid

“My time with NBCF was a truly incredible journey. From as early as the initial application, a level of professionalism was expected from us, and I knew immediately that this would be a place that would push me to do better than I knew how to at the moment. The people of NBCF saw what we were capable of and expected us to exceed that. Their support and belief in me are the reasons I was able to meet those, and I could see myself in an entirely new light.

While working at NBCF, I was not just a high school student playing dress up, as I often felt with other outreach programs. At NBCF we were considered professionals in training, young people with potential and in need of only resources and education. The more we were treated as such, the more confidence I gained in my own abilities – and, at the same time, the more I was humbled by the vast arsenal of experience and wisdom contained within the wonderful people and spirit of NBCF.

I have grown and learned so much through NBCF, and will continue to do so as more and more of what I learned there becomes applicable to my future professional life. I can’t say enough how much I appreciated this wonderful opportunity, and how blessed I feel to have gotten six weeks with the incredible people at NBCF.”

Rohith Perumalla

“My internship at NBCF was an exceptional experience where I gained valuable insights about the professional world and solidified my plans for the future. I loved working with all the other interns and staff, and the work environment was extremely friendly and a great place to be. Overall, being an intern at NBCF was an amazing experience and an incredible opportunity that I will never forget.”

Michelle Tong

“My experience at NBCF was something I could not imagine at all! I went into this internship thinking I would be making copies or coffee, but instead I got the opportunity to truly experience what the work field is like. I’ve built lasting relationships with people who I can turn to for any career insight I need and I’ve learned not only a lot about myself, but also about others. My experience at NBCF is something I will value forever, and I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to do something like this.”