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At National Breast Cancer Foundation, we offer a competitive Internship Program that provides valuable and marketable work-force skills, as well as a comprehensive education on the inner workings of a non-profit. We strive to prepare our interns for future employment opportunities with effective communication skills, resume and interview support, and an understanding of how to adapt to different personalities and workplace cultures. We believe in a program that values the skills that the student brings to the table, as well as one that provides rewarding and challenging work to allow the intern to have a very engaging and worthwhile experience. To see current internship job openings, click here.

Below are some of the wonderful interns we have had the pleasure to work with:

Sahar Mehdi
Current Work: Strategic Planner at Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles

“During my time here, I have been able to enhance my skills which are necessary in the field I’m entering. My experience solidified my thoughts on my future and I plan to keep in touch with everyone here.  I’ve had the opportunity to experience multiple internship programs, and National Breast Cancer Foundation exceeded my expectations. Not only did they make sure to include specific skills I wanted to learn, they helped me improve my resume, which in turn helped me realize my accomplishments. I will miss everyone here!”

Brooke Walford
Current Work: Corporate Partner Manager for National Breast Cancer Foundation

“My time as a Development Intern here at NBCF has been a once in a lifetime experience. The knowledge I learned about the business world and non-profits in general will continue to help me as I further my career.”

Amanda Cantu
Current Work: Graphic Designer, Dallas Cowboys Merchandising

“My internship at NBCF has been a phenomenal experience. I have gained great skills in the software I use, and have enjoyed working in such a professional environment. The NBCF staff is more than welcoming and always willing to answer any questions. I would recommend this internship to anyone who has the opportunity to work and learn from such a wonderful charity.”

Marylinn Alvarez

“During my six months at NBCF I was able to build great relationships with my co-workers, learn about a thriving non-profit, and contribute to an important cause. People here are passionate about what they do, and it is very visible within minutes of meeting everyone. Although I may not choose to work in non-profits in the future, it is an experience I recommend everyone should try.”

We are extremely saddened to share that Marylinn tragically passed away April 1, 2015. Her kind spirit and passionate heart have impacted all of us at NBCF. She will be greatly missed. 

Jennifer Ilgen
Current Work: Marketing Manager at National Breast Cancer Foundation

“NBCF has been a great fit for me. When I applied for the internship, I was looking for more non-profit experience to see if it was something I was really passionate about. Working at NBCF has shown me that non-profit is where I need to be, and the structure I was lacking at previous jobs is something I’ve gained working here. The experience so far has been amazing, by far the best of my college career!” 

Samantha Barakat
Current Work: Development Coordinator at UT Southwestern Medical Center

“My semester as an intern at the National Breast Cancer Foundation has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career. While the skills I have gained are very valuable, the internship program at NBCF is truly exceptional because the staff is committed to ensuring that the experience is educational and worthwhile. I was encouraged to ask questions, propose new ideas, and seek out opportunities to take on new responsibilities. I cannot thank NBCF enough for opening this door to me and giving me this incredible opportunity, and I would highly recommend this internship program to any college student who is looking for a challenging and fulfilling professional experience.”

Sania Ahmad
Current Work: Graduate Student at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

"As a Development Intern, it was a great opportunity to see how a non-profit raises funds and be able to participate in that process. In addition to the typical duties, the intern project has also been a phenomenal experience. Not only did I learn about project management, building a program, and working with a team, I have become more self-aware of what I want in a future career. Finally, some of my favorite moments at NBCF were the opportunities I had to engage with the community such as Texas Legends Night or Cancer Awareness Week at UNT. Being able to hear how early detection helped someone's mother or grandmother survive breast cancer is remarkable. It truly gives purpose to this internship."

Michelle Romanczukiewicz
Current Work: Fundraising Coordinator at National Breast Cancer Foundation

“My experience as an intern at NBCF has changed my life! Working in fundraising has given me the opportunity to reach people nationally on a personal level, which has been so rewarding. I have gained a passion for helping people, especially through NBCF’s mission. Being here has opened doors I never thought possible and made me reconsider my career path in order for me to stay involved in the non-profit sector. I have flourished as an individual – both personally and professionally – due to my experience here. I am motivated more than ever to graduate college so I can start a career in this line of work. The people I have met at NBCF opened their hearts to me and I have gained some wonderful friendships. I cannot thank everyone here enough for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this family. My experience has been truly invaluable and I am so proud to call myself an NBCF intern!”

Terrell Thompson
Current Work: Multimedia Coordinator at National Breast Cancer Foundation

“My time as an intern was a great experience. I was pushed out of my design comfort zone, which in turn molded me into a more versatile artist. Not only did I grow as a creative, but also as a professional learning my strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. NBCF really takes the time to invest in their interns, ensuring they have the best real world experience while helping to expose their talents. The whole staff works great as a team, are very friendly, and it's a great environment to be in."

Cassie Wheat
Current Work: Sales Representative at Pearson

“My internship experience helped me build strong relationships and seek out opportunities where I could be challenged. I was encouraged to propose new ideas, develop personal growth, and contribute to a great cause."


Katie Perez
Current Work: Marketing Coordinator at National Breast Cancer Foundation

“Accepting an internship with NBCF was a true turning point in my college career. Throughout my internship, I was continually encouraged to ask questions and provide personal insight to the marketing team. I’m grateful to have learned many valuable skills that directly applied to my specific career interest."

Tiara Shelton
Current Work: Graduate Student in Social Work at Howard University

“NBCF has given me the greatest internship experience. The skills I've gained under the leadership of the Programs department allow me to be confident in my ability to coordinate programs for any nonprofit. The atmosphere at NBCF has shown me the importance of being a part of a foundation that truly cares about the women they are helping, and their employees who make it possible!"

Abraham Campillo
Current Work: Content Creator at The Richards Group

“My intership experience at NBCF far exceeded any of my expectations. It was a perfect fit for me and I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work on so many projects where I was able to expand my creativity. I can honestly say that after NBCF I’m better prepared for my future career.”

Ingrid Panameno
Current Work: Graduate Student in Local Economic Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science 

“During my year as an intern at NBCF, I was able to learn grant management skills, learn how to implement and administrate programs, and assist in the planning of outreach events. The internship experience allowed me to see firsthand how a group of employees with a shared mission are able to create a great impact for women across the U.S. In addition to daily tasks, I was encouraged to innovate in any way that could be helpful to the programs department. NBCF will always have a place in my heart, because I was able to discover a passion for non-profits and grow professionally while being immersed in a supportive atmosphere.”

Kimberly Tamayo

“My experience as an intern at NBCF has been the most fulfilling for my career goals. I learned to apply the concepts I learned in school to a real world workplace environment. In addition, I have gained so much more knowledge about the non-profit sector. The internship program at NBCF is absolutely exceptional because it provides an environment that encourages taking initiative. The staff truly cares about the women that they are helping and you just cannot beat that passion!”

Jeremiah Alvarez

“As a design intern at National Breast Cancer Foundation, I had a chance to display my creativity in many different projects where I was able to express NBCF’s branding and show people hope through aesthetically pleasing visual designs. The NBCF staff is more than welcoming and always willing to answer any questions. Lastly, my experience working with NBCF as a non-profit company gave me such a great experience in which I am eternally grateful for.”

Charles Oakes
Current Work: Undergraduate Student in Advertising at Texas Tech University 

“Working as an intern at NBCF was a truly integral part of my professional and personal development. From the leadership to the collaborative nature of the office culture, I always felt that I was an important member of the team.”

Ashylnn Rodriguez
Current Work: Undergraduate Student in Organizational Behavior and HR Management at University of North Texas

“My time as a Development Intern was a wonderful experience. I learned the inner workings of a non-profit organization, and was surrounded by leaders who are passionate about helping women and giving to others. I was able to develop my communication and organizational skills while helping to make an impact on those affected with breast cancer. Thank you NBCF for a great experience!”

Candace Day
Current Intern - Marketing

Anisa Din
Current Intern - Accounting

Kristina Locke
Current Intern - Development

Sana Merchant
Current Intern - Programs

Madison Neisius
Current Intern - Design

Mariana Salazar
Current Intern - Programs

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