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Free eBook: Cause Marketing

Free eBook: Cause Marketing

How to increase your profits and better the world with cause marketing

Want to find an edge in a hyper-competitive market, build deeper relationships with your target audience, generate additional revenue, attract and retain elite talent—and make the world a better place while you’re at it?

Not only can it be done, but it can be done well through cause marketing. We’ll share tips, examples, and explain the 8 types of effective cause marketing campaigns in the free eBook, What You Need to Know About Cause Marketing.

What You Need to Know About Cause Marketing

Whether you’re just beginning to explore the concept of cause marketing or are working on a plan to leverage it for your own business, this guide will help you understand your options and get started with clarity and conviction.

In this free eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How to define and understand cause marketing
  • The immediate and long-term financial benefits of cause marketing
  • How cause marketing helps attract and retain top talent
  • 8 proven approaches to cause marketing that deliver real results
  • Actionable tips for making any campaign a success
  • How several hyper-successful companies use cause marketing as a foundational driver of brand affinity and revenue
  • Why the time to start a cause marketing campaign is now

“Cause-marketing campaigns help both the company and the non-profit flourish. This eBook is an extremely beneficial resource to explore the many avenues on how to make a greater impact together.” – Brooke Adams, Director of Charitable Giving & Strategic Partnerships, NBCF

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What You Need to Know About Cause Marketing

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Publish Date: April 28, 2021


  1. Hello, I am a dietetic intern working within my community rotation at a school district and have been asked to prepare a booth for Breast Cancer Awareness in October 2021. I would love to be able to share some literature and resources from the National Breast Cancer Foundation, INC. Is this possible? Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Brianna! This sounds neat. Our team will email you to see what resources would be best. Thanks for your support!

  2. I had breast cancer and I had double vasectomy still on Anastrozole I just find out that I have fibromyalgia all my bones and joints hurts all the time

  3. I live in a senior community – I’m on a committee to organize a Breast Cancer Awareness Day in October 2021. We would like to give out ribbons for people to put on their mailboxes that we will pay for the ribbons. Can the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. give us literature to hand out to the residents in our community. Thank you

    • Thanks for reaching out, Katie. Our team will be emailing you to talk through resources we can provide. We appreciate your support!

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