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Keep Reaching for Wellness Wins

Keep Reaching for Wellness Wins

Have you enjoyed our “Living Well with Jody” column so far? Thanks to Jody’s passion for wellness, we’ve brought you the #PassTheGreenPlate challenge, Antioxidants Made Easy, Exercise Quick Tips and the reminder that when it comes to fitness, It’s Not All or Nothing.  If you missed any of those, you should definitely take a peek…and pin them too! Here at NBCF, we are blessed to have Jody challenge us in person during a weekly lunchtime fitness class open to all staff, and we love that this blog allows us to share her motivational insights with our supporters and followers!

Jody inspires our team because she practices what she preaches. She doesn’t just tell us how to exercise/eat—she constantly pushes herself to new ways to be healthier and lead others to better health. Jody has been certified to teach Group Exercise classes for several years, but she wanted to grow in her ability to provide individualized fitness help. With that in mind, Jody, a busy mom of three, recently pursued a Certified Personal Trainer designation through The Cooper Institute. Like so many of us, Jody struggles with work/life balance in the pursuit of wellness.  She had to make special arrangements for her family and children in order to attend the necessary courses and complete the exams, but she determined to “lean in” to pursue her goal of helping individuals be healthier.

Jody may be our fitness hero, but she has fitness role models too, including Dr. Kenneth Cooper, founder of The Cooper Institute. He created buzz around the wellness movement long before it became a social media trend. His bio is impressive; he has been instrumental in creating corporate and legislative initiatives that support good health and address obesity, including lobbying for continued physical education classes in public schools…and at the mature age of 84, Dr. Cooper continues to exercise regularly!

Jody and Dr. Cooper are just two inspiring examples of people challenging themselves and others to ongoing wellness wins. Have you started a new workout routine? Added more veggies to your family’s grocery cart? Completed a new personal best on your mile run? Big or small, we want to hear about them! Share your Wellness Wins with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

Congrats to Jody on her Certified Personal Trainer designation! The NBCF team is so proud of you and glad to have you!

Publish Date: July 10, 2015

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