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Living Well with Jody: Exercise Quick Tips

Living Well with Jody: Exercise Quick Tips

Exercise is good for you, right? This is what we have been told by everyone from our parents, doctors, PE teachers, trainers and even friends. But how good?

According to the National Cancer Institute, exercising four or more hours a week may help lower your breast cancer risk. This is terrific news and just by making little changes to your daily schedule, you can easily get four hours of exercise in each week.

A few quick tips to incorporate throughout your day could include:

– Parking further away from the entrance of the supermarket

– Taking the stairs instead of using the elevator at the office

– Walking the dog for 20 more minutes

– Walking the perimeter of the field instead of sitting and watching your kids sporting practice

– Playing with your kids on the playground instead of sitting on the bench

– Switching your coffee date to a walking date

So lace up your tennis shoes and get out and enjoy the glorious spring sunshine!

Written by Jody Feil, NBCF Wellness Specialist
*The views expressed in “Living Well with Jody” are Jody’s personal opinions based on her passion for healthy nutrition and fitness.

Publish Date: May 5, 2014

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