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Living Well with Jody: Pass the (Green) Plate!

Living Well with Jody: Pass the (Green) Plate!

Cleanses, fasts and diets all have one thing in common—they’re generally about what you’re NOT eating. Maybe it’s because we suffer from a fear of missing out, or because restrictions remind us of our parents’ imposed limits on us, but this approach isn’t very fun. That’s why the rest of this post is all about good things you CAN and SHOULD eat, rather than about guilting you for the things you “shouldn’t”.

According to the National Cancer Institute, eating vegetables and fruits may help prevent certain types of breast cancer as well as improve survival rates. That’s why we hope you’ll join us in this NBCF 30-Day Green Foods Challenge! Since we’re all about Helping Women Now, we’re making it easy
for you with step-by-step instructions and easy recipes. This month, let’s eat green, green, green:

Week 1: Start Small—Eat at least one green fruit or vegetable every single day. Most people eat three meals per day and a snack or two. This first week, just make one of those items green each day.

Week 2: Variety Rocks—Eat at least 7 different green fruits or vegetables this week. Different fruits and vegetables have different vitamins, antioxidants and phytochemicals. The more you mix it up, the more you’ll get a sampling of all that good stuff.

Week 3: Make it a Habit—Eat at least one green food at every single meal. Ok, by this point we’re two weeks in and this green thing is probably a piece of cake—oops fruit—to you. Now it’s time to up your game and work the green in at every meal.  If that sounds too hard, check out these breakfast, lunch and dinner pin-spirations:

Snickerdoodle Green Smoothie

Berry Avocado Quinoa & Kale Salad

Glazed Salmon with Broccoli Rice

Week 4: Share the love—Play green food bingo with your friends or kids! Who doesn’t love to brag a little on social media? Use our Green Food Bingo Board to challenge your friends to eat more green this week too!  Consider treating the winner to a smoothie or salad. Plus, hanging out with loved ones is good for your health too!

Kermit the Frog famously said, “It’s not easy being green,” but we hope this post has made it easier—and more fun—to eat green. Show us pics of your green meals, snacks and grocery baskets on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest using the hashtag #PassTheGreenPlate.

Jody Feil, NBCF Wellness Specialist

NBCF Wellness Specialist, Jody Feil

*“Living Well with Jody” features Jody’s personal opinions based on her passion for healthy nutrition and fitness.

Publish Date: April 14, 2015

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