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Making History by Giving Hope

Making History by Giving Hope

We are bringing our Women’s History Month series to a close by recognizing world-renowned news anchor and journalist, Diane Sawyer. She made history by becoming the first female correspondent to appear on CBS’ 60 Minutes. In addition to paving the way for women who dream of working in broadcast journalism, Diane has taught us that it is important to support our friends through their most difficult times.

In 2007, Diane’s dear friend and Good Morning America colleague, Robin Roberts was diagnosed with breast cancer. Their friendship was heartwarming, both on screen and off. While one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, almost every woman will know a friend or family member affected by the disease. We can all learn from Diane’s example: be present and provide support in times of need. Many women may struggle with what to say or how to help a friend facing a diagnosis such as breast cancer. Often times, a small gesture like delivering meals or running errands for someone going through breast cancer can positively impact her outlook. Diane’s mantra, “Hope changes
everything, doesn’t it?”
is an inspiring reminder of the difference that we can make for a friend in need of encouragement.

Diane continually showed a tremendous amount of hope to Robin along her journey. Robin remembers that during her breast cancer experience, Diane was a crucial member of her support system, sharing, “[she] is the type of person who makes you feel everything’s going to be all right. That she is going to will it for you.” Every woman needs a friend that will be unwavering through life’s obstacles.

Thank you for helping us celebrate Women’s History Month! If you want more inspiration, check out our recent posts about Angelina Jolie and Shirley Temple. We can all make a positive difference like Diane if we make a conscious effort to make a meaningful impact every day. Women inspire others every day, not just one month out of the year. Share with us how you have helped a loved one through his or her cancer journey on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels!


Publish Date: March 24, 2016

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