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Surviving and Thriving through Hope

Surviving and Thriving through Hope

Nicki Davis, like so many breast cancer survivors, qualifies for the title of ‘Superwoman’. By day she’s a VP in the banking industry, but she also works outside the office as a wardrobe stylist, allowing her to use her passion for fashion to help women feel beautiful.

Nicki also has two very active sons, and yet she somehow finds the time to volunteer. Nicki humbly credits her supportive husband and flexible leadership team with facilitating this very full plate, but Nicki’s own tenacity deserves some of the praise too. In fact, her resolve to live and give to the fullest may be the reason she’s alive today.

Nicki was 28 at the time of her diagnosis—her cancer was discovered after her young son kicked her in the breast during a diaper change. Nicki remembers her mother joining her for an appointment in which the doctor implied that Nicki’s mom should begin to make plans for life without her daughter.

However, Nicki refused to accept a death sentence. She quickly scooped up all her scans and charts from that doctor’s desk and left immediately, never looking back, saying,

“I chose to surround myself with people who believed in me and that we would succeed in beating cancer.”

Nine years later, thanks in part to her insistence on a second opinion, she is alive to encourage other women.

Nicki shares that overcoming the disease helped her discover her love of fashion. She realized that the right outfit helped restore her self-confidence after cancer, and she knew she wanted to help other women feel this same sense of beauty and worth.

She also became more mindful of the importance of achieving balance between family and career, something she promotes through her volunteerism with Polish, an organization aimed at professional women of faith.

Nicki used fashion to help her feel beautiful again following her breast cancer diagnosis. Share with us how you’ve rediscovered your confidence following a difficult season, using the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Photo Credit: Megan Weaver

Publish Date: April 14, 2015

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