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5 Questions Every Breast Cancer Patient Should Ask About Their Bone Health

5 Questions Every Breast Cancer Patient Should Ask About Their Bone Health

There is no denying that breast cancer and treatment take a large toll on the body. From pain and nausea to fatigue and hair loss, cancer treatments find visible and physical ways to impact patients’ bodies. But there are other effects below the surface patients and survivors should be aware of and take action to lessen in the future.

Your bones protect vital organs and allow your body to move throughout the day. Without proper care and nutrition, bones can be susceptible to fractures and restrict your mobility. Barbara Grufferman, writer and speaker with a focus on positive aging, speaks on the importance of self-care and bone health after a breast cancer diagnosis.

She shares below five questions to ask your doctor or health professional after a breast cancer diagnosis when advocating for your bone health:

  1. How will my diagnosis impact my bone health?
  2. How much Vitamin D is safe for me to take while I’m under treatment for breast cancer?
  3. Should I take a calcium supplement?
  4. Should I change how I exercise to protect against bone loss while I’m being treated?
  5. Should I schedule a bone density test (DEXA Scan)?

Barbara’s three top tips for maintaining and improving bone health are: Eating the right foods, getting enough Vitamin D and calcium, and making sure you incorporate strength training as part of your exercise routine.

To learn more about the impacts of cancer treatment on bone health and ways you can care for your body before, during, and after treatment, click here.

We want to thank our friends at Amgen for their help in sharing this important message on bone health to readers like you. Because self-care is more than skin deep.

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Publish Date: May 19, 2022

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