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Still More to Learn

Still More to Learn

People often ask whether Breast Cancer Awareness efforts are still necessary since so many people are already aware of the disease. Yet every day we meet women who still have more to learn about their breast health. Supporters like you are helping women receive critical breast health education and empowering them to know how to use it. Here’s the story of two women who were already quite knowledgeable about breast health, but they still learned something new:

We recently met Elizabeth, 39, and her daughter Adrianna, 17, at the Convoy of Hope event in San Antonio, Texas. They did not plan to attend, but they rushed there after seeing a family member’s Facebook post about the event.

Elizabeth works in the medical field, and Adrianna had already learned about breast care. Still, they were both surprised by some of the information they learned in the tent. Elizabeth didn’t realize how much pressure is needed to detect a lump or that breast lumps can vary in size.

Adrianna knew how to perform a breast self-exam, but she didn’t realize the importance of changing positions. Knowing how your breasts look and feel both in the shower and lying down will help you notice changes you may need to address with your doctor. Adrianna also said she would begin checking herself more often after her time in the NBCF tent.

If you could use a refresher on your breast health education or want more information—like Elizabeth and Adrianna received— download our free eBook, 3 Steps to Early Detection, today.

Publish Date: August 18, 2017

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