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Community Fundraising Highlights: Winter 2024

Community Fundraising Highlights: Winter 2024

There are many individual and corporate fundraisers—big and small—that come alongside National Breast Cancer Foundation to help us achieve our mission of providing help and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer. We are so proud and honored to partner with all of our fundraisers, whose impact goes beyond financial contributions. These fundraisers unite their communities, encourage support for women in need, and ignite a passion for the breast cancer community.

Returning Fundraiser: DaBella

For their first year of fundraising in October 2022, DaBella, an interior and exterior home renovation company, was looking to provide even more of an impact for their community. After partnering with National Breast Cancer Foundation, DaBella hosted an online fundraising page and collected employee donations, while informing their customers of their efforts and inviting them to donate. They were able to raise over $30,000 through these efforts, an impressive amount for a first-time employee fundraiser.

In 2023, DaBella was committed to doing even more. Through the support of their leadership team and staff, DaBella increased their donation from 2022 to 2023 by over $150,000, raising an amazing $182,488! While they maintained their previous fundraising tactics, the team added a “pie your boss day” to their plan. On this day alone, they matched their previous fundraising total. DaBella also went above and beyond to get their community engaged in October 2023 by adding supportive lawn signs for customers who donated to DaBella’s efforts with NBCF.

First-Time Fundraiser: Captain Rob Butler

There is no better feeling than having a new idea, bringing it to life, and watching it exceed your expectations. The San Diego branch of TowBoatU.S. did just this. In September 2022, Captain Robert Butler reached out to National Breast Cancer Foundation to plan a paddleboard poker run. The event would bring the community together for a unique experience of paddleboarding, poker, and donations. While Captain Rob had never done anything like this before, he was committed to creating a unique and successful fundraising event.

With the help of numerous sponsors, community members, and his family, Paddle for the Battle was created! Captain Rob even had 1,000 t-shirts made for the attendees, all printed with a donation QR code for NBCF. In addition to this one-day event, Captain Rob planned to wrap his boat in pink with the same donation QR code for the entire month of October 2023—but due to donations still streaming in, his boat is still wrapped in pink into 2024! This community event was an incredible success, raising over $15,000. Due to this success, Captain Rob has already begun planning for this year’s event and looks forward to making an even bigger impact in 2024.

Impactful Partner: Pink Fishing

Since 2007, Pink Fishing has combined the love of fishing with a desire to give back to their community through providing aid to underserved communities and empowering those affected by breast cancer. Throughout their years as fundraising partners, Pink Fishing has been involved in the NBCF Community Ambassador Program and fundraising through their multiple annual fishing tournaments.

In 2023, Pink Fishing increased their involvement with NBCF by providing an annual donation of $10,000 designated to NBCF metastatic breast cancer retreats. Metastatic retreats hit close to home for Pink Fishing, as one of their organization members has been living with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer for many years. Not only will Pink Fishing be making an impact through this annual gift, they have also chosen to honor their dear friend with a permanent plaque on the NBCF Red Leaf Giving Tree. NBCF is honored to have Pink Fishing as a fundraising partner and we look forward to continuing working together to make a lasting impact.

At NBCF, we encourage you to fundraise YOUR way! Click here to view our online resources and tips to inspire your personal fundraising style.

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