There are two ways to double your workplace donation while delivering hope and help to women in need:

  1. Many corporations offer employees an opportunity to participate in matching-gift programs that match contributions to National Breast Cancer Foundation, dollar-for-dollar.
  2. If you are an active or retired employee of the federal government, you can give to National Breast Cancer Foundation through the Combined Federal Campaign or Workplace Giving Campaign. National Breast Cancer Foundation’s CFC number is #10072.

Employer Gift Match

Enter the name of your company below to search for program information. If your company offers a matching gift program, instructions on how to request that your gift to National Breast Cancer Foundation be matched will be provided. Your generosity makes an immediate impact and will provide life-changing support to women in need across the country.

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Ready to request an employer gift match?

Mail or email your completed matching gift form along with a copy of your NBCF gift receipt to:

National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.
c/o Matching Gifts
7460 Warren Pkwy, Ste 150
Frisco, TX 75034

EIN (Tax ID Number): 75-2391148
Email: [email protected]

To make a gift, click here or mail a personal check to:

National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 676910
Dallas, TX 75267-6910

FAQs about Matching Gifts
  • What is a matching gift?
  • Employee matching gift programs are corporate giving programs in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations. It’s a simple way to double, or sometimes triple, your donation to ensure no woman navigates breast cancer alone.

  • How do I know if my gift qualifies for a matching gift?
  • To check if your gift qualifies to be matched, enter the name of your employer in the search function above. If your company has a matching gift program, the guidelines and eligibility for your company will be provided on the screen for you to review.

  • I made my donation a while ago, can I still apply for a matching gift?
  • Yes, absolutely! Many organizations will allow you to request a matching gift up to one year after you’ve donated to NBCF. Check with your company to confirm.

  • I’m the donor, but my spouse’s employer also offers the matching gift program. Can I submit the matching gift request through both their employer and my employer, even though I made the donation?
  • Definitely! If your spouse’s employer also offers a matching gift program, you may be able to apply for an additional match to your gift.

  • Do retired or part-time employees qualify for the matching gift program?
  • Sometimes! Many companies will match gifts made by retired and part-time employees! Check if your company does in the search function above.

  • I didn’t see my company on the search page. What should I do?
  • Your employer may still match your donation, even if they’re not on our list. Check with your Human Resources department or manager and ask them if your donation to NBCF can be matched.

More Questions?

Contact our team directly:
[email protected]
(972) 248-9200

National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.
7460 Warren Pkwy, Ste 150
Frisco, TX 75034
EIN (Tax ID Number): 75-2391148

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