Why partner?

No one should have to face breast cancer alone.

Financial barriers, inequality in access to care, and inadequate support are all significant challenges for those affected by breast cancer.

NBCF is filling in the gaps of cancer care through educational tools, early detection services, and support before, during, and after a potential diagnosis. These solutions provide hope and help when patients need it most – now.

Organizations can make a significant impact through fundraising, contributions, or cause-marketing.



We Care.
Our team is dedicated and committed to humbly serving those impacted by breast cancer and the vital partner whose support makes it all possible.

At NBCF a partner is more than a simple donor or sponsor. We endeavor to cultivate true and genuine partner relationships with every organization supporting our cause.

Examples of this commitment include:

  • A dedicated success manager assigned to every strategic partner
  • Robust cause-marketing/fundraising collateral
  • Experienced experts available for advice and consultation on best practices in messaging, employee engagement, social media, compliance, point-of-sale fundraising, and more.
  • Creative, innovative partnership ideas are encouraged and given thoughtful consideration
  • NBCF partnerships are long-lasting and personal

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NBCF offers the following strategic partnership opportunities. Please select the most appropriate one for your organization:


Fundraising Partner

Self-directed fundraising campaign using NBCF’s easy-to-use co-branded online fundraising platform
– No minimal annual contribution
– Use of approved statement of support (ex: “XYZ Company is a proud supporter of National Breast Cancer Foundation”)

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Contributing Partner

Fundraising, contribution, point-of-sale, and/or gift-in-kind campaign(s) with a dedicated NBCF success manager and personalized support
– Minimum $3,000 annual contribution
– Use of approved statement of support (ex: “XYZ Company is a proud supporter of National Breast Cancer Foundation”)
– Use of NBCF logo and registered trademarks

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Cause-Marketing Partner

Campaign(s) marketing using NBCF branding with funds from sales of products supporting NBCF
– Minimum $15,000 annual contribution
– Use of approved product-specific statement of support (ex: “##% of all sales on ABC products/services in 2020 will be donated to NBCF”)
– Use of NBCF logo and registered trademarks

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Why is there a minimum annual commitment?

NBCF is committed to being excellent stewards of every dollar gifted to us. IRS and state guidelines associated with corporate charitable giving require specific oversight and reporting, adding expense to each partnership. In order to ensure our corporate partnerships are not costing more to administer then the funding they provide, we require minimum annual contribution levels accordingly.

Not sure which partnership is the best fit?

Helping the world
Helping the world
" SABRE has been able to donate over $1.98 million to give back and protect others from the inside out. Ultimately, we’re proud to partner with organizations who help the world. NBCF has been a wonderful organization to partner with. "
David Nance CEO, SABRE Security Equipment Corporation
Helping the world
Working Together
" We are passionate about our partnership with NBCF as their mission mirrors our own commitment to help families in need. Working together, we can bring hope, help and heart to others. "
Nathan Sheets CEO/Chief Steward, Nature Nate’s
Meet Our Corporate Partners
Working Together

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