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The mission of Moncrief Cancer Institute* is to be a leader in our community’s efforts to fight cancer and reduce its burden throughout the continuum of care utilizing education and community awareness, prevention and early detection, behavioral and nutritional science, and research and innovative technologies. Moncrief provides nearly 10,000 free breast screenings a year to uninsured and underinsured women in 35 counties throughout North and Central Texas. In some counties, we provide mammograms aboard our Mobile Screening Clinic, an 18-wheeler that’s equipped with private dressing and exam rooms, plus advanced, 3D breast tomosynthesis screening equipment. In addition, Moncrief partners with local hospitals and clinics in many counties to provide breast screening in facilities across North and Central Texas.

“With funds provided by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, we are able to provide free, life-saving mammograms for uninsured and underserved women who otherwise would not have access. Thank you for partnering with us to reduce the threat and impact of breast cancer in our community.” — Keith Argenbright, M.D., Moncrief Cancer Institute

*UT Southwestern Medical Center partners with Moncrief Cancer Institute to provide screenings


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