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Fundraising Success Stories

Julie used her Bat Mitzvah party as an opportunity to set up a donation station for her attendees and raised $613 for NBCF.

Ez Yap
Ez, a breast cancer survivor, competed in body building competitions and hosted virtual yoga sessions while fundraising to help survivors. To date, Ez has raised over $10,000 for NBCF. 

Addison & Reagan
Sisters Addison & Reagan have hosted a neighborhood lemonade stand for six years in a row and have raised over $3,500 for NBCF.

Make sure we get all of your donations.

Did you have an online fundraiser but need to send in additional donations via mail?
Use our printable Mail-In Donation Form to ensure you get credit for all of your fundraising efforts!

If you have any questions or need help with your fundraiser, you can reach us directly at or (972) 248-9200.

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