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Disability Benefits for Breast Cancer Patients: Three Things to Know

Disability Benefits for Breast Cancer Patients: Three Things to Know

The growing list of celebrities who have had breast cancer is proof enough that the disease doesn’t discriminate based on income. However, having medical insurance and the financial means to pay premiums and deductibles can help detect breast cancer early, in a localized stage, leading to improved survival rates. Our founder, Janelle Hail, a 35-year breast cancer survivor, founded NBCF because she was thankful she had received good care and wanted women in need to have this same access to screenings and breast health education. Today, our programs help close this gap for underserved women across the United States.

We provide screenings, diagnostics, and patient navigation services to women in need through our wonderful hospital partners. Some women may also benefit from individual financial assistance, particularly in cases where their ability to work has been affected by breast cancer. For these patients, disability benefits may be a meaningful form of support.

We spoke with Deanna, a Community Outreach Manager at Social Security Disability Help, an agency that assists applicants with their disability claims. She explained that many women don’t realize breast cancer may qualify them for financial assistance, depending on the nature of the diagnosis and response to treatment. Here are three more helpful things to know about applying for disability assistance with breast cancer:

1. Your spouse and/or children may even qualify for “auxiliary benefits” depending on their age or number of years married.

2. You can apply for disability benefits online. However, for those who prefer to handle financial matters in person, there are regional offices for disability benefits in each state.

3. While breast cancer can be life altering, in many cases, the interruption to your ability to work may be temporary. Be encouraged; there are also a number of programs in place to help the disabled return to work and transition out of these forms of assistance.

Here at NBCF, one of our goals is to encourage and support women who are facing breast cancer. We hope this post may help those who are also in need of financial support.

For more detailed insights, check out this guide from the Social Security Administration: “What You Need to Know When You Get Social Security Disability Benefits.”

Publish Date: January 29, 2016

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