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Game Pink: DaYoshi Streams in Honor of His Mom

Game Pink: DaYoshi Streams in Honor of His Mom

Note: Written by streamer and NBCF Game Pink fundraiser, DaYoshi. DaYoshi shares how breast cancer made a heavy impact on his life and how he utilizes his skills and streaming community to give back so other parents have the care and support they need. 

My mom was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in August 2003. After 4 rounds of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation, my mom beat breast cancer. I was 8 years old at the time, and I didn’t quite understand what my mom was going through nor could I help. Now that I’m older and in a position to help, I want to help those who have a parent that is going through the same thing I did.

DaYoshi as a child with his mom

What got me into charity streaming was a lack of in-person volunteering opportunities due to the pandemic—and the values that I was taught growing up. Since my senior year in high school, I’ve volunteered at the Wing Luke Museum in the Chinatown-International District in Seattle.

Volunteering every year during the Lunar New Year dragon dances is one of my memorable experiences giving back to the community—my way of grounding myself and spending time in a community that has given me so much. When in-person volunteering was canceled due to the pandemic, I sought other ways to give back via charity streaming to my community online.

As the son of an immigrant, leaving a place better than you left it and finding time to give back is something that aligns with my values. The luxuries afforded to me as a first-generation American were not something my mom had until she immigrated from the Philippines to the US. Instilling a hard work ethic and finding time to give back is something at the forefront of my mind to this day.

What I love about NBCF’s Game Pink is the ease of access to information—like how far your donation goes, broken down from $3 to $1,000—and the setup on Tiltify. My mom picked NBCF, so going through the onboarding process via Tiltify was seamless. I used Tiltify in a previous fundraiser, and the information they gave on their Tiltify webpage was straightforward.

DaYoshi has raised $2,569 for NBCF so far and plans to partner with NBCF again this year for “Screening Isn’t Scary.” To follow DaYoshi’s channel and his upcoming streams, click here. To learn more about NBCF’s Game Pink and “Screening Isn’t Scary,” click here

Publish Date: September 20, 2022

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