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Alaska Department of Health: Breast and Cervical Health Check Program

Since 1995, Alaska Department of Health has provided over 78,000 health screening services to over 33,000 Alaskan women. More than 230 cases of breast cancer have been diagnosed.  A grant from the National Breast Cancer Foundation has allowed the Department of Health to provide women with Computer-Aided Diagnostics (CAD), a service which is not federally funded in Alaska.

"NBCF’s awarding BCHC this grant has allowed for over 3,000 mammograms to be performed without additional cost to low income/uninsured women throughout the State of Alaska. The offset of these costs to women has made a huge impact for these women.  The support and generosity of the NBCF of our efforts is making a difference to the women of Alaska."

Michelle Grigsby, Program Director, Breast and Cervical Health Check





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Create Your Early Detection Plan

The best way to fight breast cancer is to have a plan that helps you detect the disease in its early stages.

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$100 Helps Provide a Mammogram

Your donation of $100 helps provide a mammogram for a woman in need.