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Los Angeles Christian Health Centers

Seventy-three percent of the patients treated by the Los Angeles Christian Health Center (LACHC) are uninsured, and sixty-three percent are homeless. LACHC reaches out to some of the most underserved neighborhoods in Los Angeles including Skid Row, Watts, and Boyle Heights. The National Breast Cancer Foundation funds a patient navigation program at LACHC which aids in community outreach and breast cancer education and awareness.

"Funding from the National Breast Cancer Foundation for our Patient Navigator program has allowed Los Angeles Christian Health Centers to coordinate critically-needed breast cancer screening for over 400 needy women, most of whom are homeless or living in public housing projects. Without our help - and NBCF's support - many of these women would have gone without care, leaving breast cancers undiagnosed and untreated."

Lisa Abdishoo, M.D., Chief Medical Officer

 Patient Navigation



311 Winston Street
Los Angeles, California 90013