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OhioHealth is a leading provider of mammography services in central Ohio, performing over 74,000 mammograms and deploying 15 digital mammography units across the OhioHealth system – more than any other healthcare provider in central Ohio.  Its comprehensive, nationally renowned Breast Health Program provides women with the resources necessary for early detection, and offers specially trained nurse navigators who aid in decreasing the number of days a woman must wait to learn the results of an abnormal mammogram – OhioHealth breast patients typically wait half the time compared to the national average.  If a breast cancer diagnosis is confirmed, nurse navigators guide patients through the maze of treatment options, providing support, education and encouragement at every critical decision-making point.

"OhioHealth's Breast Health Screening Program is a leader in helping thousands of women in central Ohio get the breast care they need. NBCF has been vital to this effort, allowing OhioHealth to provide access to women of all walks of life, and helping us achieve our mission of "improving the health of those we serve."

Pauline K. Russ, P.T., Breast Health Manager





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