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Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center

With help from the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center is able to offer a patient navigator program providing personalized information and guidance for breast cancer patients and their families. In addition to offering compassionate support from diagnosis to recovery, patient navigators direct women with breast cancer through the complexities of the health care system, help identify financial assistance, offer translation services and transportation assistance. To help patients better understand their disease, Sharp’s navigators have partnered with Dr. Omid Bakhtar, a pathologist affiliated with the Medical Center, to create “Meet the Pathologist”. The program was created after it became apparent that many women with breast cancer did not understand their diagnoses. During the bi-monthly meetings, women are taught how to read their pathology reports. They learn decipher the severity of their disease, if it has spread, and what kind of treatment is needed.

"Through its focus on early detection and diagnostics, as demonstrated by its dedication to providing free mammograms to women in need, the National Breast Cancer Mammography Program is helping us fulfill our mission of improving the health of all that we serve with a commitment to excellence."

Pablo Velez, Ph.D., R.N., CEO

 Patient Navigation



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