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The Breast Care Center at St. Alexius Medical Center

Although the Alexian Brothers Health Care System (ABHS) began nearly 150 years ago in the United States, the original work of the brotherhood dates back to the Middle Ages.  In 13th century Europe, when the diseased and dying were shunned by society and forced to subsist alone outside city gates, small groups of men and women began to band together to carry out Christ’s mission to help these outcasts. Despite the unorthodoxy of their activities, they tended to the sick and fed the hungry. As time passed, the groups’ numbers increased, and their mission and purpose became more organized. St. Alexius, a fifth century saint was chosen to be the patron of their first chapel, and the group became known as the “Alexian Brothers” by the people they served.  In the 19th century, the Brothers spread their ministry of healing to the United States, Ireland, and Belgium.  In 1866, Brother Bonaventure Thelen established the first Alexian Brothers hospital in a small house on Dearborn street in Chicago. Today, the Brothers remain as committed to the health and healing of their community as they were more than seven centuries ago.  ABHS ranks among the nation’s top performing healthcare facilities, and serves more than 2 million people in the greater Chicago area each year.

"Through the generosity of the National Breast Cancer Foundation we are able to reach out to more women in our community to provide mammography services to those who otherwise might not have had one.  As we know, early detection is what this is all about.  W are able to provide care for our women with the St. Alexius values of Dignity, Compassion, Care of the poor, Holism and Partnership through this important program.  We are so grateful to NBCF for their partnership with our Breast Center."

Ed Goldberg, CEO & President





1555 Barrington Rd., DOB #3, Suite 1600
Hoffman Estates, IL  60169