Follow-Up Care

What happens when my cancer treatment rounds are complete?

You'll need regular check-ups after treatment for breast cancer. Check-ups help ensure that any changes in your health are noted and treated if needed. If you have any new health problems between checkups, you should contact your doctor.

What happens at breast cancer follow-up appointments?

Your doctor will check for return of the breast cancer. Also, check-ups help detect health problems that can result from cancer treatment.

Check-ups usually include an exam of the neck, underarm, chest, and breast areas. Since a new breast cancer may develop, you should continue to have regular mammograms. You probably won't need a mammogram of a reconstructed breast or if you had a mastectomy without reconstruction. Your doctor may order other imaging procedures or lab tests.

What kinds of problems need to be reported to my physician during the breast cancer follow-up phase?

You should report any changes in the treated area or in your other breast to your doctor right away.